Cave Survey Projects

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The links to the left are some of the underwater cave surveys I've done or helped with over the years.  I owe a lot to the people who help with these projects, otherwise maps would never be made. 

I describe the way I have done things and some of my experiences.  As you read these, please keep in mind that these dives were done after I had acquired a good bit of experience and the judgment that goes with the experience.  I had 100 dives before I did any surveying work at all.  Looking back, I could have used a few more, with focus on the skills needed for surveying.  I had 200 swimming dives before I laid a hand on a scooter.  I thought it was more trouble than it was worth, so I logged another 70 dives before  I purchased one.  The only reason I got one was I needed a tool to get farther to continue a survey.  

The degree of commitment required to map a cave varies.  Suwannee Blue took one day to finish, although it was a four hour dive at a maximum depth of thirty feet.  Peacock III and Convict Spring took about a year to complete. Peacock I took almost five years to complete.  Others, like Old Bellamy with less than ideal conditions and seasonal variations, are open ended and could take decades to complete a map.

A lot of time is spent before and after the dive logging data and crunching numbers.  I generally estimate it requires 4 hours for every hour spent surveying to record the data and update the maps.

Survey Course Outline


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