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Laminated maps

Non-laminated maps




Laminated maps

All maps are printed in black and white


      Manatee Springs  24"x36" laminated map               $28.00       

                             Peacock Springs  24"x36" laminated map              $28.00       

                          Peacock III 24"x36" laminated map                         $28.00         

                Telford Springs 24"x36" laminated map                       $28.00          

      Convict Springs 24"x36" laminated map                    $28.00          

    Suwannee Blue18"x24" laminated map                    $28.00         


Non-laminated maps

All maps are printed in black and white


    Manatee Springs  24"x36" non-laminated map                 $18.00       

                          Peacock Springs 24"x36" non-laminated map                   $15.00         

                           Peacock III 24"x36" non-laminated map                              $15.00         

                       Telford Springs 24"x36" non-laminated map                     $15.00          

       Convict Springs24"x36" non-laminated map                     $15.00          

    Suwannee Blue Springs11"x18" non-laminated map    $15.00          



 Taming of the Slough: A Comprehensive History of Peacock Springs State Park

 Completed per Sheck Exley's detailed notes, the Taming of the Slough

  covers the history of this beloved cave diving location and Florida State Park.


  Softcover. 170 p.

   Taming of the Slough                                                                              $28.00         


 Speleological and Karst Glossary of Florida and the Caribbean

 Compiled by Sandra Poucher and Dr. Rick Copeland

 Never be in the dark again! 

 Caving, cave diving, hydrology and ecology terms. Including slang and acronyms.


 Hardcover. 196 p.

   Speleological and Karst Glossary                                                     $34.95         



A Field Guide to the Critters of Florida's Springs

Written and illustrated by Sandra Poucher  

Edited by Buford Pruitt, Jr.

An illustrated guide to the fauna of Florida's springs and spring runs.

 Softbound, 123 p.



 A Field Guide to the Critters of Florida's Springs                       $15.00         




Gotta have it!  Peacock Survey station markers

Actual survey markers from the most recent Peacock survey project. Put one on your key chain or hang it from your rear-view mirror. Limited number saved from obsolescence at the Baseline landfill. Check the station number on the back against the survey data in your copy of the Taming of the Slough. 

Support underwater cave cartographers. The markers were removed by the surveyor.      

 Peacock Survey marker                                                                    $5.00           




For cave survey classes ,

please e-mail Michael Poucher

mpoucher at

Mudbug Productions 

last updated Septembet 2014